Accelerating the Tennessee Valley automotive industry

Focus Areas

Trade & International Investment

 The DRIVE! Consortium seeks to expand export programs and increase the use of export tools throughout the supply chain, particularly focusing on firms with a strong record of innovation and product development. In addition, DRIVE! provides training and information to economic development and community leaders on the importance of foreign-direct investment (FDI) and exports to the automotive sector,the connection between FDI and exports, potential impacts on research and innovation, and significance to economic growth.


The DRIVE! Region was 5th in the country in motor vehicle industry exports in 2012, and 3rd in motor vehicle industry exports as a percent of all exports, according to analysis by The Brookings Institution. 

For this analysis, motor vehicle industry was defined NAICS codes beginning 3361- motor vehicle manufacturing, 3362 - motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing, and 3363 - motor vehicle parts manufacturing.

Map of the Tennessee Valley

The Tennessee Valley region is home to six major automotive manufacturers with a supply chain of over 900 mostly small- and medium-sized businesses, employing more than 100,000 people.

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