Accelerating the Tennessee Valley automotive industry

Increase Exports

A long-term measure of DRIVE's success will be an increased dollar value of exports produced by automotive OEMs and the automotive supply chain in the region.

DRIVE! Exports

The Brookings Institution completed a thorough study of automotive exports in 2012 by examining data from Census, BEA, BLS, IRS, Moody's Analytics, and NAFSA. The resulting data for states and the DRIVE! region can be seen in the Trade and International Investment focus area.

These data reveal that the DRIVE! region, compared to U.S. states, is 5th in motor vehicle industry exports, behind Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. If you compare the percentage of motor vehicle industry exports to all exports from the area, DRIVE! is 3rd, with just over 20% of exports coming from the motor vehicle industry.

Motor vehicle industry exports include NAICS codes beginning 3361- motor vehicle manufacturing, 3362 - motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing, and 3363 - motor vehicle parts manufacturing. 

Map of the Tennessee Valley

The Tennessee Valley region is home to six major automotive manufacturers with a supply chain of over 900 mostly small- and medium-sized businesses, employing more than 100,000 people.

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