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June 11, 2015

Tech 2020 Announces Companies selected for autoXLR8R 2015

Nine companies selected to participant in 2015 autoXLR8R

Tech 2020 of Oak Ridge, TN announces the final selections for the 2015 cohort of autoXLR8R. Program Director Jack Sisk said, “As a whole, this group is the best we have had in the three years of autoXLR8R and it’s the most diverse set of technologies ever.” The roster includes:

• CBA - Knoxville, TN headed by Josh McMillan. CBA develops data analytics used to monitor production processes in automotive manufacturing
• The PT Solution – Chattanooga, TN headed by Cal Chamberlain. The PT Solution is a personal transportation service designed for metro areas and campuses
• Sleep on Trucking – Fayette, AL headed by Daniel White. Sleep on Trucking is a device that levels and stabilizes the sleeping quarters of a semi tractor to make it easier for driver to sleep.
• The Smart Seat – Louisville, KY headed by Donald Suiters. The Smart Seat is an application designed to remind drivers of presence small children and pets about to be left in an automobile.
• IVRTrain – Cookeville, TN headed by Ravi Venkataraman. IVRTrain produces immersive virtual simulation to develop physical training for the operation of vehicles in manufacturing plants.
• SRM – Murfreesboro, TN headed by Jim Brewer. SRM is developing hub motor technology
• OptoLogistics – Knoxville, TN headed by Mustafa Varzaneh. OptoLogistics is developing software to optimize logistics in the automotive manufacturing industry.
• Ricardo Valenzuela – Aguascalientes, Mexico – Mr. Valenzuela is developing a new automatic guided vehicle to deliver material in manufacturing operations
• Drive&Live – Italy headed by Emanuel Fierimonte. Drive&Live is an app that monitors drivers for condition that indicates drowsiness and other impaired driving conditions.

Tech 2020’s Shawn Carson said, “We are very proud of the Tennessee based companies represented in the program. They come from around the state. Many include technologies developed at our state universities and are being commercialized through autoXLR8R. The companies from Alabama and Kentucky underscore the growth of the automotive industry in the southeast US and we are excited about expanding the program internationally to Mexico and Italy.”

autoXLR8R Kicks off July 7, 2015 in at Tech 2020 in Oak Ridge. The program will continue through August and culminate in a road show with stops in Greenville, SC, Birmingham, AL and finish in Oak Ridge.

Tech 2020 ( is a regional venture development organization (VDO) and is a Tennessee non-profit corporation established in 1995. The organization initially was chartered to assist with the creation of small businesses through technology transfer from Department of Energy facilities in Oak Ridge, TN. Among the first VDOs in the nation, Tech 2020 has won national awards from the State Science and Technical Institute (SSTI) and the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA). Tech 2020 has been recognized by the University Business Incubator Index as one of the nation's top four incubators and one of the top six internationally. Tech 2020 provides physical and virtual incubation services, as well as coaching and mentoring, to small businesses.

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The Tennessee Valley region is home to six major automotive manufacturers with a supply chain of over 900 mostly small- and medium-sized businesses, employing more than 100,000 people.

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